About Zatos

Zatos Investments is a real estate investment company that focuses on the development and renovation of residential properties in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Zatos works with the top Philadelphia real estate professionals, reputable contractors, regional banks and private investors on individual projects to create profitable, luxury homes.

Zatos' Mission

Zatos’ mission is to help transform the residential real estate landscape in Philadelphia and its surrounding neighborhoods by developing top-of-the-line homes for residents while providing an alternative investment option, with high-yielding returns, for its investing partners.  

Our team

Meet the Zatos Investments Team

Tom Familetti

Co-Founder, CEO

Tom is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zatos Investments. Tom oversees all business activities of the company including project acquisition, investor relations, business planning/strategy, legal and accounting.

Zander Hagan

Co-Founder, Coo

Zander is the Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Zatos Investments. Zander oversees all project operations including contractor relations, project planning and construction activities.                                     

Ryan Laughlin


Ryan is the Chief Financial Officer of Zatos Investments. Ryan oversees all financial transactions of the company which includes tracking project cash flow, monitoring financial risks, and recording financial statements in a timely and accurate manner.