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The Development Process

• Zatos identifies a development opportunity that fits its target project metrics.
• Zatos forms a single-purpose LLC that will be the owning entity of the project.
• Zatos works to acquire the project.
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Zatos retains the necessary professional services (architects, engineers, etc.) to design the project and work toward acquiring Zoning and Building Permits.
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Bank Financing
• Zatos works with one of its banking partners to obtain a construction loan. The construction loan will typically fund 75%-80% of total project costs.
• Zatos and its investors will contribute capital to make up the remaining 20%-25% required by the bank. Zatos will personally guarantee the bank loan.
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Bank Financing
Private Investing Partners
• Zatos looks for private investors to invest in the project as equity partners.
• Equity partners will receive equity in the single-purpose LLC. Equity splits vary on a project basis.
• Zatos targets 20%-40%+ ROIC (return on invested capital) for its private investors.
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Private Investing Partners
Zatos Construction will manage all aspects of construction of the project until completion.
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• Zatos works with its real estate partners to sell/rent the completed project.
• Returns to investors will be distributed based on the specific deal structure.
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