Construction Wrapping Up At 233 Christian Street In Queen Village, South Philadelphia

Construction work is nearing completion at 233 Christian Street in Queen Village (alternately Southwark), South Philadelphia. Designed by Gnome Architects, the four-story building will hold four luxury condominiums. The 7,014-square-foot structure will cost an estimated $350,700 to build. Zatos Investments is the developer and Grit Construction is the contractor.

Current view of the site via Zatos Investments.

Most of the work has been completed for the project. The units, each one spanning an entire floor, are now move-in ready and the façade has almost achieved its full form.

The façade features attractive brickwork that fits well with the prewar neighborhood. Large windows with black cross-beams feature throughout the façade. A central projecting bay is the standout feature of the project, and a cornice rounds off the design. The project preserves the adjacent street tree, maintains the shaded sidewalk.

Construction was originally estimated to finish on January 1st. However, the completion date is not far off. The project’s four units will be a positive addition to the in-demand neighborhood.

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